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Gabriel da Silva

Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator / Artist

I consider myself a genuine visual thinker and, as a creative director / head of art i like to develop communication concepts that leave no one indifferent. I've worked across all media, creating global as well as local work. Currently based in Spain, i like ideas which transcend cultural borders. I divide my time between advertising and personal artistic projects.
Active member of Oldbaby.

2018 - 2019: Executive Creative Director at Swing Swing Advertising.
2014 - 2018:  Creative Director / Head of Art at Saatchi & Saatchi.
2008 - 2014: Creative Director / Art Director at Swing Swing Advertising.
2007 - 2008: Art Director junior at Sra. Rushmore.
2006 - 2008: Art Direction at Miami ad School (São Paulo and Madrid).
2002 - 2005: Universidade Ibirapuera São Paulo.

2016 - Solo Exhibition: “ANFIBOLÓGICO”. Galería la Isla (Madrid).
2016 - Solo Exhibition: “ÁVILA”. Fast Expo. Sala Siroco (Madrid).
2012 - Solo Exhibition: “COLETÂNEA”. ESDIP Madrid.
2012 - Collective Exhibition: MuestrarteLa Tabacalera (Madrid).
2010 - Solo Exhibition: “BASURA”. Soho (Londres).